Symptoms And Symptoms Of The Condition Of Dyslexia

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Alondra Alcala
Homer Hanna High School
Literature and Compositions
Mr. Gonzalez
(March 22, 2016)

This paper explores articles that inform about the condition of dyslexia, like the possible causes, the various signs and symptoms that can be noticed at different ranges of age, the skills affected by dyslexia and the different ways to improve affected skills, the ways to diagnose dyslexia and the importance of doing so, and last but not least, the different professional and un-professional help that can be provided to someone who lives with life-long condition of dyslexia. Keywords: Primary Dyslexia, Secondary Dyslexia, Trauma dyslexia,

Title Dyslexia is a learning disability that mainly affects the way how the brain decodes spoken and un-spoken language (Understood, 2016). Dyslexia makes reference to a bunch of symptoms which make reference to people having trouble with certain language skills, for the most part reading. Some specialists may even attribute it the name of “reading disorder” or “reading disability”; however, people with dyslexia may experience trouble with other language skills being speaking, spelling and writing (Understood, 2016). Dyslexia has no connections with the intelligence of a person, there are many dyslexic people who are gifted in areas such as the arts, science, business, and sports (WETA, 2006). Dyslexia is a long-life condition, nonetheless, the ways that this condition
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