Symptoms And Symptoms Of The Depression Essay

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Clinical depression is a disease that affects many people, ranging from children to elderly adults. Depression is a scary word to many and conjures up ugly, stereotypical images of people being sad all the time and wanting to kill themselves. Depression is treatable, but the same method of treatment will not be effective on every patient. Many people suffering from depression question whether they are actually depressed or just having a bad day. Often times, a person who believes they are suffering from depression fears that they will be judged if they tell anyone or fears that they will be treated as though they are made of porcelain. People who do not understand depression and who have never experienced it have a tendency to disregard people who are depressed; they do not treat depression as an actual illness. Other inexperienced people may walk on eggshells around a depressed person, making the depressed person feel alienated. A stereotype is attached to depression that says that depressed people are only hungry for attention or medication. An effect of this stereotype is that many people are afraid to seek the help they need. The following paragraphs will highlight some of the major symptoms of depression, a few different types of depression, and the different methods of treating depression. Clinical depression is, by definition, “a psychological disorder in which individuals experience a lack of motivation, decreased energy level, fatigue, social withdrawal, sleep
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