Symptoms And Symptoms Of The Memory Loss

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Introduction Amnesia is a mental illness that refers to memory loss. The cause for the memory loss can be due to several factors. The memory loss could be due to emotionally disturbing events; memory loss can also be cause of physical harm usually to the cephalic region. The disease also interrupts the normal everyday functioning of a person suffering amnesia. An individual may still be able to carry out certain activities despite the amnesia. Fortunately, there are diverse ways to treat amnesia.
Amnesia is a large scale loss of information that normally should have not been forgotten, such as key facts, important people in an individual’s life, and memorable events. Amnesia also refers to the inability to memorize information (MediLexicon, 2015). Amnesia consists of two features. Anterograde amnesia is when new data is unable to be retained. The incapability to recollect previously known information and past occurrences is called retrograde amnesia (Mayo Clinic, 2014). There are two different types of amnesia and different causes for the two types. The first type of amnesia is called organic or neurological amnesia. This amnesia is a result of brain damage or injury. Amnesia can be caused by oxygen deprivation, like from a heart attack, certain medications like ambien, the sleep aid, and also a stroke. Encephaloma in the memory region could also be cause. Amnesia may also result from head injuries and encephalitis. The second type of amnesia is called
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