Symptoms And Symptoms Of The Pain And Fatigue Essay

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Three years ago I got sick. It was like the worst flu I had ever had. It just never went away. I was in a complete metabolic meltdown. I was diagnosed with diabetes, low thyroid, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and vitamin deficient as well as a muscle enzyme. These were all handled with medication and are slowly getting back into normal range. Praise God. The pain and fatigue are still there, I have tried every medication thought to help this condition, but none have given me relief. After many doctor’s and specialist’s appointments and several not so pleasant tests I was finally diagnosed as having Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Due to the constant pain and extreme fatigue I was unable to keep working as a hairstylist. Also one of the neurologists thought it could also be because of depression and anxiety. So then I was and still am seeing a counselor and psychiatrist. With more medication that has been under control. Being a hairstylist was first calling. I loved it and was good at it, but through all of the trials I felt God wanted me to do something different. I just didn’t know what that was. Through the past year I had been denied disability, my house went into foreclosure and I sold everything I could. I felt God wanted me to fallow a new calling. For the past year my children and I have been living with my parents. We are truly blessed with such a supportive family through this trying time. Last fall I was invited to a bible study group one of my

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