Symptoms And Symptoms Of The Traumatic Event ( Ptsd )

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Kenji T. Sotto PSYC 160 Case Vignette Assignment Diagnosis Mr. Sayid Al Jarrah was honorably discharged from the US military after having a near death experience (i.e., being shot and injured) during his service in the War in Iraq (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder—PTSD Criteria A1). Sayid reports experiencing flashbacks and frequent intrusive thoughts of his time in war (PTSD Criteria B1 and B3) while also experiencing difficulties sleeping (PTSD Criteria D1), remembering all aspects of the traumatic event (PTSD Criteria C3), and maintaining a job. Furthermore, Mr. Sayidreports avoiding stimuli associated with the traumatic event (PTSD Criteria C1), disinterest in previous enjoyable activities (PTSD Criteria C4), and feeling disconnected from others (PTSD Criteria C5) including his wife and child during which, at times, he reports having irritable or angry outbursts (PTSD Criteria D2) or retreats to his gun collection in his garage. Mr. Al Jarrah has been experiencing distress from these symptoms for two years (PTSD Criteria E and F) and meets the diagnostic criteria for chronic PTSD, as per the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (APA, 2000). Cultural and Contextual Variables It is important for me as a therapist to gain a broader understanding of how Mr. Jarrah experiences his suffering in light of his unique history and background. There are several cultural and contextual variables to be considered in the treatment of Mr. Jarrah. Sirin and Fine (2007)
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