Symptoms And Treatment Of 911

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A 55-year-old mother of 3three is brought to the emergency department shortly after being found lying on her bed by her neighbor. They usually have coffee in the afternoon and when her friend did not answer the door, her neighbor let herself in. Upon finding the patient, the neighbor called 911. First responders reported numerous bottles of medications next to the patient’s bed, but mistakenly did not grab them. In the emergency department, the patient is is lethargic and disoriented to person, place, and time. Her husband and three children have not arrived and a clear past and present medical history cannot be taken. The patient begins to become restless and mumble incoherently and intermittently loses consciousness. Physical Examination: Vital signs: Blood Ppressure: 120/78 mmHg, Hheart Rrate: 92 beats/min, Rrespirations: rate 15 breaths/min, O2 Soxygen saturation: 97% on room air General: not Not oriented to person, place, and time, acute distress secondary to intoxication Head: nNormocephalic, atraumatic Eyes: Pupils equal, dilated, and reactive, sclera anicteric Mouth: mMucosa dry, no exudate, erythema, lesions, thrush, or jaundice Cardiac: rRegular rate and rhythm, no murmurs, rubs, or gallops; no JVD, thrills, or heaves; PMI non-displaced at 5th intercostal space Respiratory: nNormal breath sounds present in all lung fields; no wheezing, rattles, crackles, or rhonchi Gastrointestinal: soft, non-tender, non-distended; bowel sounds present in all four quadrants
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