Symptoms And Treatment Of A Fibromyalgia

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Chapter 14 Approaching Fibromyalgia-Related Depression There are various approaches by which a fibromyalgia (FM) patient can better cope with bouts of depression, self-pity, and anxiety. First and foremost, a patient must consult with a health professional or a mental health specialist for a psychological evaluation. Once diagnosed, there are several methods of treating depression, which include psychotherapy, medication, and self-help techniques. Also known as talk therapy, psychotherapy helps FM patients manage pain and deal with illness by changing their outlook or perception about situations. The two main types of psychotherapy which are thought to be most effective in treating depression are cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and interpersonal therapy (IPT). Counseling is another good option. Also known as mental health counseling, CBT, can be very effective in treating mental disorders and in managing the stress and anxiety of FM patients. In this method, a mental health counselor talks with a patient following structured and systematic procedures. This can help patients identify negative thoughts and dysfunctional emotions and addresses inaccurate feelings and maladaptive behaviors thereby aiding patients to handle and respond to challenging situations more appropriately. CBT functions by helping FM patients change their way of thinking about pain and enables them to manage pain more effectively. Normally, a CBT program requires regular face-to-face sessions with a
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