Symptoms And Treatment Of A Kidney Disease

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The patient described pain in his back between the twelfth rib and lumbar vertebrae, which is the site to which the kidney is located; therefore it is possible that the patient suffered from a form of kidney disease. Upon urinalysis, it was found that the patient was suffering from haematuria. Haematuria typically results from an inability to filter urea, suggesting the patient was suffering from an infection to the kidney that inhibited its ability to filter urea which is symptomatic of swelling in the glomeruli. The patient was also suffering from proteinuria, Oliguria, and Oedema, reinforcing the possibility of an infection, arising due to the inability to filter urea. A throat culture revealed that the patient had suffered from streptococcus. Given the above symptoms, it was believed that the patient had post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis. Seeing as the glomeruli had become inflamed, it inhibited the kidneys ability to filter urea, resulting in the presence of proteins and blood in the urine, as well as accumulation of fluids in the tissue. Alternative diseases such as kidney disease, a kidney infection, prostate infection, or diabetes could have affected the patient given the above symptoms. However because the antibiotics were successful in alleviating the effects of the proposed disease, and the diseases listed above are not bacterial, it is most likely that the patient suffered from post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis.
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