Symptoms And Treatment Of A Miracle Drug

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TUESDAY This Tuesday is entirely different from the time I was born. Rather than passing by without much happening, this Tuesday starts the beginning stages of recovery. This Tuesday is the hangover as the result of Monday’s poor decisions. As the day passes, you begin to feel better, but it’s a long, bumpy road ahead of you. On a Tuesday there is a long wait until the much-desired Friday and Saturday, but it’s an inevitable step in the right direction. I am twenty-one and it is Tuesday. The depression pills did not work as I had hoped they would. There is no such thing as a miracle drug. After a month I refused to take them any longer. I felt like my pills were controlling my life so I was also weaned off the blood pressure medicine treating my migraines. I only remained on the two medications I absolutely needed: Synthroid for my Hashimoto’s disease and omeprazole for my acid reflux. I felt like I was beginning to take back control of my life. For some, this probably seems like a minute, irrelevant change in a world of chaos. But for those who are forced to live by their medications, especially at such a young age, this is a very large step in regaining freedom. I no longer feel as though my doctors, doctor’s appointments, medications, and medical testing control my life. Another step toward full recovery has been finding new meaning in my life since many of the old ones disappeared after high school. Without sports, I had to find something else to consume my time. Both
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