Symptoms And Treatment Of Acute Care Setting

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Acute care setting is the chosen theme, since it is a familiar unit due to allocated clinical placement twice and found as interesting place to learn new things. Hodges and Keeley (2009) says acute care setting is the challenging unpredictable workplace where nurses are more autonomous, skilled and learned to adapt uncertainty. Patients in acute care setting receive nurses initiated care. Regardless of where nurses work, they provide optimum care and do much more than simply following physician orders. Many interesting and new experiences were motivating all student nurses and working staffs throughout the placement and enhanced continuous learning process. Since, it is the place where nurses are more self-directed in making clinical decisions and capable of determining which of the ordered remedies is appropriate for the patient at any given point, it is essential for nurses to know the importance of evidence based practice().
It was thought provoking experience while caring patients with impaired communication which arose many questions to be researched. In general, it is interesting and challenging for nurses to assess, diagnose and care neurologically ill patients due to their different type of issues for example functional, sensory, motor problems one at time or combined together. It was challenging to work with stroke patients who became aphasic after stroke. ‘Aphasia is the loss of the ability to understand or formulate language which is caused by brain
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