Symptoms And Treatment Of Alopecia Areata

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I vaguely recall, at the age of 8, asking my physician: “Doctor, why do I look like this?” “Why don’t my friends have bald spots like me?” He looked at me with laser like precision and stated, “That is because you are different, and that is what makes you unique and special. Use it as your strength.” I was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata, a rare but benign condition in which the immune system assaults the hair follicles resulting in hair loss. Being diagnosed at such a young age was incredibly traumatic and became the foundation for psychosocial distress that followed me throughout my childhood and beyond. Monthly, my mother would escort me to the dermatologist for intralesional steroid injections. A vicious cycle ensued. My…show more content…
But the advice of that compassionate doctor, the influence and support of my family, and my passion for helping those who hurt were the keys to my starting on this journey to become a physician. As I have moved toward the path of a career in Internal Medicine, there have been certain educational events which served as catalyst to my career. My first clerkship in Internal Medicine Outpatient in a rural and underserved area of Tennessee, I met Dr. Candi Overholt. She was an extraordinary mentor as I watched her daily manage each patient’s numerous comorbidities and yet she also showed sincere interest in each patient’s emotional and personal life. Dr. Overholt held complimentary educational sessions for her patients and for the entire rural community. She would teach her rapt audience about risk factors, pathophysiology, treatment modalities, and how patients could take charge and personally alter the course of their disease and their lives. While working with Dr. Overholt, I witnessed the enormous influence of healthcare availability and the necessity for preventative medicine. Dr. Overholt continues to be a motivational force for me. I learned through her that physicians can go above and beyond what is generally expected of them to do in order to make a difference in the care of their patients. This type of commitment and community leadership highlighted how worthwhile and gratifying her career in
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