Symptoms And Treatment Of Alzheimer 's Disease Essay

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At 16 years old, I listened carefully as my grandmother described in detail her daugher who lived in Utah with 4 girls, one of those being myself. Though it seemed her memory was very clear on the subject, she did not realize that I was one of those 4 girls. My grandma has Alzheimer’s disease. She started showing mild signs of it around the age of 75 and it has slowly progressed over the years. Now, 10 years later her memory is almost completely gone.
Alzheimer 's disease is an irreversible, abnormal, progressive deterioration of the brain that causes victims to steadily lose the ability to remember, reason, and comprehend (Wardlaw 719). At first it may start with things such as: forgetting important dates or events, repeating oneself multiple times, or needing reminders more often than usual. Eventually it may progress to experiencing challenges in completing simple tasks, difficulty concentrating, and confusion. Geriatric psychiatrist, Robert Santulli states, “Alzheimer’s disease involves loss of short-term memory but also other things like the ability to express yourself with language, the ability to perform certain routine tasks like getting yourself dressed or operating a piece of equipment. It has a lot of emotional symptoms that can go along with it as well such as depression or anxiety, sleep disturbance, agitation, and so forth” (Santulli). At the beginning, I remember my grandma as we drove to a hike asking “Where are we going?” to which my grandpa would patiently
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