Symptoms And Treatment Of Alzheimer 's Disease

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Patient Profile
Eryn is an 18 year old female from northern Wisconsin who demonstrates concerns about her family medical history. Eryn has found out that her grandmother had passed away from Alzheimer’s disease after she was diagnosed prior to moving into a nursing home. She is currently in good health from recent records of her physical from last year. Her past medical history includes a broken pinky finger in 2005, a hyper extended knee in 2010, and a sprained thumb from early 2015. All three of these cases were fixed and the patient is not looking for treatment for any illness at the time. Patient reports that she is eating a well-balanced diet with a variety of food from all groups of food. She is currently a college freshman, trying to adjust to the college life. The purpose of this case report is to inform Eryn about Alzheimer’s disease, also to discuss genetic or heredity factors related to Alzheimer’s, and to create a prevention and intervention plan for Eryn based on the information that was collected in this case study.
Review of the disease/condition
Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive mental illness that occurs in middle or old age, it is considered an age-related disease. The brain shrinks overtime caused by brain cell death over a period of time. When the brain shrinks it causes the tissue to make fewer connections to the brain which damages memory, speech and comprehension. This can be broken down into three stages; preclinical (where there are no signs or
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