Symptoms And Treatment Of Alzheimer 's Disease

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There are many diseases and disorders in the world that can attack a human’s body and destroy certain organ systems in the process. In this paper, you will learn about a particular disease that has been studied by many scientists and doctors for decades. Research hospitals such as Mayo Clinic and John Hopkins University have studied Alzheimer’s disease in order to come to conclusions on what the disease is and what can cure the disease. This disease can cause critical damage to a human’s body from the symptoms to the treatment that is followed by the diagnosis. In the following paper, we will discover the symptoms, the organs affected, and the treatment for Parkinson’s disease.
To first discover a disease it is important to know the
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In the early stages of the disease the symptoms usually begin to occur when the patient has more memory loss and confusion than what is considered normal for their age. Also, the beginning stages tend to show milder symptom behaviors and can typically be overlooked causing later discovery of the disease. As previously stated, memory loss is the first sign of dementia and an example would be not remembering where you placed your keys or how to properly get dressed. It begins with the easier tasks that become difficult for everyday functioning. Mild Alzheimer’s disease involves increased memory loss, wandering or getting lost, repeating questions, taking longer to complete daily tasks, and changes in personality. In the mild stage a patient is commonly diagnosed. Moderate Alzheimer’s disease occurs when the disease begins to progress. In this stage, the brain has a hard time with controlling language, forming reasoning, sensory process, and conscious thoughts. In the moderate stage it becomes tougher on the ones close to the patients due to the fact that it becomes harder and harder for the patient to recognize and learn new things. Severe Alzheimer’s disease is when plaques and tangles spread through the patient’s brain, brain tissue shrinks tremendously, communication is eliminated, and care is necessary. At this stage of Alzheimer’s the patient becomes bed ridden and is at the end stage. As a result of the symptoms, functioning as a normal person becomes impossible and a
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