Symptoms And Treatment Of Arthritis

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Thesis statement According to Casey, 2015, the common word of the inflammation of the joint is arthritis. Arthritis cane is a long term disabling disease or short-term effect of infection such as viral or bacterial. The losing quality of life, debility and early death of people with the chronic arthritic condition. People with arthritis need a multidisciplinary strategy and significant pharmacological remedy including multiple anti - arthritic drugs under classes of drugs such as disease modifying antirheumatic drug (DARMDs), NSAIDs (non-steroidal drugs, glucocorticoids. An overview of my client: 71-year-old female, admitted due to recent fall from home, an x-ray revealed that the patient with chronic RA. Patient with a medical history of multiple falls at home, chronic RA (rheumatoid arthritis) of both hands and hypothyroidism. The patient was complaining of low back pain during mobility with weakness and inability to walk. Medical (ICD-10) international classification code is M06.89 (RA), PT Treatment ICD-10 code is M54.5 (low back pain) and R26.2 ( difficulty of walking). Patient 's current medications including hydroxychloroquine (plaquenil , generic) 200 milligrams (mg) 1 tablet by mouth, daily for RA; tylenol 325 mg, two tablets (650 mg) for every six hours as needed for pain management. I observed that patient without increase low back pain with the combination of her arthritis drug with tylenol. I educated the patient about the drug as well as a few significant
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