Symptoms And Treatment Of Basal Cell Carcinomas

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Section 2: The article is referring about skin cancers, most specifically, Basal Cell Carcinomas. The article states the facts in a much more detailed manner, stating that indeed people who expose themselves to ultraviolet rays for prolonged period of time, some form of abnormalities such as skin cancer may occur. Section 3: the reasoning on this article was to convince and to point out the facts that indeed an individual can develop Basal Cell carcinoma overtime due to [prolonged exposures to ultraviolet rays. People with all kinds of skin types and at any age can get skin cancer, that is, if the skin is exposed far too long than needed. According to The National Center of Biotechnology Information, it is proven that “Other non-ultraviolet environmental exposures that have been associated with increased risk of basal cell carcinoma include ionizing radiation, high dietary energy (especially fat), low intake of vitamins, and various chemicals and dust”. Those risk factors include from physical skin color, those with red or blond hair, or even by using the notorious tanning bed, which was once a time ago a norm. Also, what The American Academy of Dermatology had revealed that “Some people are born with a rare condition that makes them more likely to develop skin cancers, including basal skin cancers, early in life” Knowing it can start from an early age, it can be catastrophic enough to be a disease known as basal cell nevus syndrome. When symptoms are diagnosed, it is
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