Symptoms And Treatment Of Bipolar And Related Disorder

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Abstract The following research paper will exposed the most common symptoms, diagnostic and therapy, in the treatment for Bipolar and Related Disorder due to Another Medical condition. Bipolar and Related disorder, is characterized by symptoms that occur in distinct episodes with periods of normal mood in between. Most of the time there is no clear pattern of when or how frequently manic or when or how often they alternate with depressive episodes will be produced. Mood swings can occur over a period of hours, days, weeks, months or even years. (American Psychiatric Association, 2013) A series of illness may be factors for this illness to be triggered. Pathological and genetics factors could be involved. Social, family and others related must be taken in count for the diagnostic to take place. We will talk about the perseverance of the illness, and the treatment to follow at the moment of the diagnostic. (Rapee, R , 2012) Introduction Bipolar disorder is a serious disease of the brain. Also called manic-depressive illness. Those who suffer from bipolar disorder experience unusual mood swings. Sometimes feel very happy, animated and more active than usual, this is mania. And sometimes those who suffer from bipolar disorder feel very sad, depressed and are less active, this is depression. Many times when an illness had affected the Nervous System, Endocrine System. And all which might be related, its consequences can affect our physic. Also, the abuse of
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