Symptoms And Treatment Of Bipolar Disorder Essay

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Riley is a 16- year- old girl, who has grown up living in residential group care since the age of 6. Her mother passed away due to drug overdose when Riley was only 10. She has never known who her father is. Riley has also, disclosed being a victim of sexual assault at the age of 14. Riley has held a relationship with a former foster mom however, it can be difficult to arrange visits at times. Workers have witnessed Riley go through periods of hypo-activity; excessive talking, dancing around the room, increased productivity level as well as, difficulties sleeping. While it appears she can be quite positive at times, Riley also goes through periods where she experiences a serious decline in mood. This decline has caused Riley to skip school, refuse to complete hygiene routines, express negative thoughts about herself and in serious cases, turn to self-harm. While Riley has been prescribed medication to help symptoms of bipolar disorder, Riley had left the home unexpectedly, without any medication or support in managing her symptoms. While on her own, it was discovered Riley took part in dangerous acts such as, excessive drinking and drug use while also, having sex with multiple different men. While analyzing the case of Riley, it is evident that she is struggling to cope with an abnormal behaviour. It may be possible that a lack of appropriate treatment, along with integrating factors such as, sociological, biological and psychological has lead Riley down a difficult path.
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