Symptoms And Treatment Of Bipolar Disorder

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Once the diagnosis has been made that Bipolar disorder is the cause of the symptoms then a treatment plan can be started. When one lives with Bipolar disorder symptoms can be managed. Management involves various types of treatments such as medication, education, and talk therapy. There are numerous types of medications used to help cope and deal with the many symptoms of Bipolar disorder. These are used as mood stabilizers, sleep assistance, focusing agents, calming agents, antidepressants and antipsychotic medications. These medications may be used alone or in combination to treat depression or mania and for maintenance purposes. Along with the medications, education plays a key role in managing bipolar symptoms. Doctors and therapists usually will suggest programs to educate a patient on their specific disorder. Some of the programs that are suggested for people with bipolar disorder are PHP’s (Partial Hospitalization Program) or IOP’s (Intensive Outpatient Program). These programs are usually attended three to four times per week for a specific amount of time (i.e. eight to twelve weeks). Patients work on group therapy, family therapy, meditation and dialectical and cognitive behavioral therapy. In group therapy sessions the focus is to meet people with the same diagnosis and discuss what treatments have worked for others. This also brings together individuals to form a support group. Family therapy sessions help the family to understand and cope with the
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