Symptoms And Treatment Of Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar disorder, "also known as manic-depressive illness, is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, and the ability to carry out day-to-day task" (National Institute of Mental Health 1). The behaviors are so extreme that most people cannot function at work, in family or social situations, or any relationship with some people. Sadly, some may even have suicidal thought. According to the National Institute of Health there are" about 5.7 million adult that have this disorder," (1). The disorder seems eerie and has many people diagnosed. It is intended through the passage to have a more understanding on why a tragedy such as this disorder occurs in the human brain and what are some medications or…show more content…
Bipolar can be present in mild condition even if these major symptoms are not present. People can have an emotion state known as hypomanic episode, the person experiencing may not feel any changes have a feel great, highly productive, and function well, but there family and friends can recognize the mood swings. There are other diagnosis besides the symptoms, doctors tend to do a physical exam to examine if any medical condition cause the symptoms. They may ask the patient about their thoughts, feelings, and behavioral pattern the process is called psychological examination, the patient has to fill psychological questionnaire and family member or close friend can have access to the information about behavior patterns. They can also have to conduct a mood chart that to have a daily record of mood, and sleep patterns and be able to understand if it is a pathway to be diagnosed for bipolar disorder. When a person is diagnose it is typically is people in their teenage and 20s. People are sadly “10 to 20 times more likely to commit suicide than people without bipolar disorder. Tragically, as many as 10% to 15% of people with bipolar disorder eventually lose their lives to suicide” (Bipolar Disorder Health Center 1). There are various forms of bipolar disorder. They consist of bipolar disorder 1, the main symptoms are depression and manic that is previously mentioned in the being of the passage. In bipolar 2 is a milder version of mood
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