Symptoms And Treatment Of Breast Cancer

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Fibrocystic Condition Fibrocystic condition, commonly referred to as fibrocystic disease, is known to be the most common lesion found within the breast tissue. In comparison with breast cancer, this lesion is often painful and can often produce multiple lesions throughout the breast tissue. The lesions are known to fluctuate in size most often around the premenstrual phase, which is also when most pain is experienced (Giuliano, 2014). Fibrocystic condition is most common in women age 30 to 50 and is rarely seen in postmenopausal women who are not receiving hormone replacement.
Fibroadenoma is common in younger women and most commonly occurs within 20 years of puberty (Giuliano, 2014). These masses are typically “round
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Screening Clinical breast exam. The clinical breast exam is a highly disputed topic in the medical field. Organizations such as ACOG and the American Cancer Society recommend physicians perform a clinical breast exam every three years in patients age 20 to 39 years old (Fletcher, 2013). However, there are other organizations believe there is insufficient evidence which show true benefits of such an exam. Ideally, the clinical breast exam should be performed on a patient approximately one week after there menstrual cycle, which is when the breast tissue is least engorged and lumps are more easily felt (Salzman, 2012). Patients should be supine with their arm positioned over their head. The breast tissue should be palpated in a vertical manner, with the pads of the middle three fingers, moving slowly in small, circular motions applying different grades of pressure (Salzman, 2012). In an ideal clinical breast exam, the breast tissue as well as well as the nipple areolar complex, the axillae, the supraclavicular area, and the chest wall should be examined. Mammography. To this day, mammography remains the mainstay of screening for breast cancer. Mammograms are an x-ray picture of the breast, and
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