Symptoms And Treatment Of Cancer

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Cancer remains a major disease in the United States and causes a burden not just to individuals but also to the society in general. It was estimated more than 1.6 million new cases will be diagnosed in the United States in 2016, and approximately 600,000 patients will succumb to cancer1. Through the effort of screening (mammography for breast cancer, colonoscopy for colon cancer, to name a few) some cancers can now be detected early on when local resection is still feasible. However, many cancers are picked up when there is already local invasion, adjacent lymph node involvement, or even distant metastasis. In those cases, most common treatment options left are chemotherapy (delivered systemically or regionally) and radiation therapy. There are many cancer types, depending on the tumor origins. Even within the same organ, there could still be different cancer cell types. Identifying the correct cell type and the origin of a cancer is crucial for selection of the most effective treatment.

Regardless of the cause of cancers, whether it is congenitally inherited or environmentally acquired, there appears to be some kind of genetic abnormalities. Classification of tumors is monumentally important; depends on how a tumor is categorized, the clinical course, prognosis and treatment are very different. In general, there are two ways to classify cancer, the traditional way and the molecular method. Traditional way is mainly based on site of origin and degree of spread,…
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