Symptoms And Treatment Of Cancer

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An illness can change people’s life, and their view on everything that surrounds them. Sometimes an illness is the wakeup call somebody needed in their life. An illness can be what will make you realize that maybe you’re missing out on a lot in life. Or maybe that you’re not appreciating what you already have enough. Cancer… just hearing this word makes my stomach melt. It makes me sick. It gives me a bad feeling. Cancer has always been an illness that affected my family. Some were strong enough to survive… and unfortunately some others weren’t. Cancer affects approximately 39.6 percent of our population each year. From that about 7.6 million people die each year from this horrible disease according to the US Health organization. I’m sure many people can relate to my situation. All of us have known somebody who has had cancer and maybe was lucky enough to survive it. Or maybe didn’t make it and passed away, left many memories, many people behind. We have all heard about a story like this at least once, or maybe even lived it, who knows. In my case, everything started a long time ago. The first person to have cancer was my great grandmother and unfortunately she passed away. But we never thought this illness was something that was going to be hereditary and that it was going to pass through many generations. Unfortunately this occurred. I never really had a chance to meet my great grandmother because she died at a very young age. She was barely 31. I wasn’t born yet, but my

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