Symptoms And Treatment Of Cardiovascular Disease

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Picture this, one bright afternoon a mother and daughter are having a calm, relaxing day in their local park. They come across a park bench and decide to sit down. Soon thereafter the mother begins to clutch her chest in agony. The pain of having her daughter watch her agony must have been even more excrutiating. She is fully involved in her first ever heart attack. Unlike sudden cardiac arrest, this woman was experiencing a myocardial infarction. The mother was walking, talking and conscious even despite the horrific symptoms that occurred on that horrible day (Hamrick). So don’t let this ever happen to you. Follow the simple steps to get, and stay heart healthy.
The scary truth is that this woman is not alone. An estimated fifteen
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This allows the heart to beat slower and more efficiently to keep blood pressure under control(Moore, Kristine). Some individuals might not have the extra time to do the recommended amount of aerobic activity. Those people should ask themselves, do they have time to have a heart attack?
Another activity that takes up time is eating. Growing up, children are taught to eat three square meals a day. That’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A study done by the United States Department of Agriculture found that on an average day between 2006-08, Americans age 15 or older spend 67 minutes just eating and drinking. They also found that Americans spend 86.5 minutes eating while multi-tasking. That means that the majority of the times that people spend eating, they are distracted by other things and not focused on what they eat. Becoming hearth healthy also requires a diet that is high in fiber and antioxidants. Foods that are quick to eat on the go such as candy bars or potato chips are the exact opposite of what should be eaten. These foods can be detrimental to heart health. Foods that are high in sugar, sodium, trans fats, and ultimately calories are the absolute worst choices to make. However, these foods are the easiest and cheapest to get on the run and that’s why many people aren’t heart healthy. What people should do is carefully watch what they put into
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