Symptoms And Treatment Of Celiac Disease

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Countless plagues, disorders, and diseases have cut many human lives short over the 160 thousand years since Homo sapiens evolved from their ancestors. Since then, human’s increasing knowledge of medical science has allowed for them to thrive for much longer than their primitive predecessors. These conditions have evolved in a costimulatory way with all species throughout life’s evolution, and although some of these situations are beneficial (symbiotic) many diseases benefit only one organism at the expense of another (exploitative). Much like an exploitative situation an organism can cause a disadvantageous situation for itself, such is the case in hypochondriasis which is when a person believes that they have an illness and starts to develop symptoms because of this belief. Celiac disease is an intestinal disorder caused by an autoimmune response to an individual’s own tissue, this is triggered by the ingestion of anything which contains gluten or gluten-related products. On the other hand, Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS) mimics some of the symptoms found in Celiac disease and it is generally a self-diagnosed disease. From this, it is clearly seen that NCGS is a primary example of hypochondriasis. Celiac disease is a very real, documented medical phenomenon while NCGS, with little proof of its actual existence, is nothing more than a placebo that has started to affect (for the most part) those in Western society. Glutenin is a protein which gives bread dough its

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