Symptoms And Treatment Of Childhood Asthma Essay

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Twenty percent of children living in the South Bronx have been diagnosed with Asthma. Bronx children (boys and girls) living in the vicinity of Melrose, Mott Haven, and Port Morris ages 5-12 years old have a higher percentage of hospitalization than children that reside within other inner-cities in the US. Children suffering from asthma encounter a recurrent cough, wheezing, shortness of breath and decrease response to their medication. These children often are unable to participate in physical activities, have increased absenteeism from school, are withdrawn and have decreased self- confidence. It is important that families are educated on the appropriate preventions and treatments for asthma in order to prevent mortality. There are a number of contributing factors in the increase of childhood asthma; for instance, sensitization of allergens, cultural beliefs, and environmental factors, gas and diesel emissions due to the high volume of traffic from the interstates in the surrounding areas. Furthermore, behavioral choices made by parents and other adults are added factors in the increase of asthma rates in children; for instance, mothers that smoke during pregnancy create higher risk for childhood asthma. Adults who smoke in their home, also in their car, with children present, are contributors to the increased rate of asthma. Our target population is African American/ Hispanic children ages 5-12 who live in the South Bronx, New York with low socioeconomic

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