Symptoms And Treatment Of Chronic Illness

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The phrase chronic illness is one that no one wants to hear when going to the doctor. We do not want to hear about a diagnosis that will be with us for the rest of our lives, but it is even worse when we learn that our child or our younger sibling is sick. For my family this happened about six years ago with my little sister. We learned that she had Chron’s Disease. At first we though to ourselves at least it is not cancer, at least we will not have to deal with chemotherapy and constant doctor visits. My family quickly learned that we were wrong and while most cases of the disease are mild, and you can lead a normal life my sister did not have a normal life ahead of her. She would spend three years in a hospital becoming friends with…show more content…
It is not just the child’s life who changes it is also the life of the family around them. Things change, and while the family gets closer in some cases in others the family falls apart, because of the stress. In the end, the lives of the entire family start to revolve around that one child. The diet change is one of the most inconvenient things to change. In some cases it is not even a small change it is monumental. With Chron’s Disease certain things can not be eaten like beans, corn, nuts, popcorn, or anything with too much fiber. On a lower class or even a middle class family that can severely rock the boat after all you just took away at least one third of their meal that they will have to find somewhere else. In the case of my family when we learned my sister could not eat these things we stopped as well just to be fair, her favorite food was corn after all. In some cases, the child just stops eating all together or has to live with a feeding tube instead of eating actual solid food. Some times that child gets put on a clear diet meaning they can only eat things they can see through. The food gets more expensive whereas the income still has not changed and that money has to come from somewhere else in the budget. For instance often times the child needs to drink nutritional drinks to help recover vitamins the child is losing because it can not eat the things it needs to.
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