Symptoms And Treatment Of Chronic Pain

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There are two types of pain that can be distinguished by its durations, such as pain that is short lasting and it lasts from days to few weeks, which are known as acute pain (AP) and persisting pain that lasts over three months or more, which are known as chronic pain (CP) (Kramer-Kile, Osuji, Larsen, & Lubken, 2014; Lewis et al., 2014). The CP concept was chosen because the number of people experiencing Chronic Pain (CP) is increasing causing a decrease in people’s quality of life (QOL) and co-mortalities (Paul, Day, & Williams, 2016; Kramer-Kile, et al., 2014). Human body cannot be separate for its one entity. Thus, patients (Pts) with CP may arise from experience of both the Physical Pain(PP) and Psychosocial or Social Pain (PP/SP)…show more content…
Language and terms long duration, progressing, does not go away, persisting, remaining to exist, endless, intermittent, infinity, episodic etc. Also Kramer-Kile et al., (2014) and Larner (2013) use words to refer to CP include CP diseases, conditions, illness and transitioning terms. Attributes Attributes or traits of CP that are the indicative of symptom(s) or cluster of syndromes that are permanent and uncomfortable results from damage somewhere in the body thus it is difficult to separate CPP from CSP. CP is characterized by stability, remaining, inability, non-pathological changes this CPP necessitated people to engage in rehabs, or prolonged observations programs and self-care (Kramer-Kile et al., 2014, p 6). Furthermore, some individuals with CP will potentially become disabled especially when pain controls over the persons’ ability to perform activity of daily living (ADLs) independently. Another trait of CP is symptoms exacerbation that can increase in intensity due to existence of stressful situations, development of acute diseases or illness, and injuries. CP also known to be incurred and ultimately progressing to the developments of multi-system failures, malfunctions of the individuals’ entire body and overall diminishing (QOL) (Larner,
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