Symptoms And Treatment Of Dental Anxiety

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 Outline
- Phobia Definition
- Dental phobia
- Causes of phobia
- Signs of phobia
- Common fears
- Diagnosis
- Proper phobia approach
- Management:
A. Adult Management Strategies
B. Pediatric anxiety management
- Conclusion
- References

 Phobia Definition:
- A phobia is an intense fear of something that has little or no actual danger. In general, most of the phobias develop in childhood but they can also develop in adulthood.
 What is Dental Anxiety or Phobia?
- Dental anxiety is very common and is described as the feeling of being nervous or afraid of going to the dentist.
- It can vary in severity from a slight feeling of uneasiness at having to visit the dentist, to a highly prohibitive phobia.

 Causes of dental phobia:
- A negative dental treatment is a strong predictor for dental anxiety.
- Feeling helpless or out of control in a dental office situation
- Feeling embarrassed about neglecting your teeth
- Fear of being ridiculed about neglecting your teeth
 Signs of dental phobia:
- Trouble in sleeping night before dental examination
- Feeling of nervousness while waiting in the dental office waiting room
- Crying/feeling ill before visiting the dentist
- Intense uneasiness while the objects are placed inside the patient’s oral cavity.

 Common fears include:
• Fear of dental pain
• Fear of gag reflex
• Loss of control
• Needle phobia
• Clinical environment
• Loud sound of dental tools
 Diagnosing dental phobia:
- Identifying anxious dental
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