Symptoms And Treatment Of Depression

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Depression most people will go through a form of it at least once in their life. Most of the time, though this will be a smaller case which is not very evident in their life. But in Shiloh you will see not just a minor form of depression but also some more major forms of it pop up its ugly head. And how is this? Well in Shiloh we are living inside of Leroy’s head, and we see through his head many types of depression, including; Atypical Depression, Bipolar Disorder, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD).

Atypical Depression is defined by “Mood Reactivity and two or more of the following, increased appetite, increased sleep, leaden paralysis, and interpersonal rejection sensitivity.”(Singh/Kristi) and during Shiloh you will see that Leroy manifests mood reactivity, leaden paralysis, and interpersonal rejection. Which is enough to diagnose him with atypical depression. So how does he show it? We’ll let us start with leaden paralysis, you will mostly see how he has this in the end of the story. But in the beginning of the story it starts out with “badly twisting his left leg in its socket. He has a steel pin in his hip.”(Fix me) Which wouldn’t that mean that he does not have leaden paralysis? You see, most people will look at that specific line of the story and instantly believe he if a cripple from the accident or something in the lines of that. But as we continue to read in the story we come to one of the better parts of explaining everything, the story states that it…
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