Symptoms And Treatment Of Diabetes

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One morning I went to work i was assigned to be Mr. C nurse. Mr. C was admitted in the med-surg/ telemetry unit two days before I was assigned to care for him. He was a 52 year old male with a new diagnosed of type II diabetes. He had history of hypertension and hyperlipidemia. He was admitted for ketoacidosis. As per the emergency room report, his blood glucose was more than 450 mg/dl when he came there. He was placed on intravenous fluid normal saline at 125 ml/hour. He was also placed on long acting and short acting insulin coverage. His blood sugar remained in the400’s mg/dl and, despite medical intervention his blood sugar remained elevated.
Mr. C. was placed on a sliding scale three times a day prior to eating his meals. Before I administered his Humalog (short acting insulin) coverage as per doctor’s order, I checked his finger sticks and it was 350 mg/dl. I administered the insulin coverage as per the sliding scale order. His blood glucose via finger sticks remained elevated for both lunch and dinner times. Insulin coverages were given as per his sliding scale order.
Throughout the day as I was observing Mr. C., he did not looked at me much. His wife who was present in the room answered most of the questions I asked him. He appeared to be very upset about his medical condition. He was not ready to accept that he has diabetes. He also did not show any willingness to learn anything new about diabetes care.
I asked Mr. C a few questions regarding diabetes he was

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