Symptoms And Treatment Of Diabetic Patients

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Diabetic patients are at risk for numerous comorbidities, including infections of the feet that could lead to amputation. In the U.S. diabetes effects more than 29 million people and is the leading cause for lower limb amputations (“Center for Disease Control and Prevention”, 2016). In addition, approximately 20% need some type of amputation after getting an infected foot ulcer (Wu, Driver, Wrobel, &Armstrong, 2007). Moreover, when a patient has a surgical procedure they require various elements in their healthcare experience in order to receive what they perceive as quality care. In diabetic adults undergoing an amputation of the toe or forefoot, what is the effect of involving patients in their treatment plan, while maintaining adequate pain relief for the patient, on the patient’s perception of quality care compared with patients who are uninvolved in their treatment plan and pain relief is not achieved?
In a research study, a group of adult diabetics were given a questionnaire about their perception of the care they received after having an amputation of an infected foot ulcer. Among the thirty patients surveyed, 83% reported effective pain relief was the most important issue while receiving care (Mehica, Gershater, & Roijer, p.94). Therefore, controlling the pain of a patient improves the patient’s perception of quality care while staying in a hospital. In addition, 77% of the participants in the study were not able to speak in private to the physician or nurse during…
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