Symptoms And Treatment Of Hospital Rounds

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As the only child of two full-time physicians, I often found myself tagging along to hospital rounds on the weekends and clinic hours during the summer months. My passion for hospital rounds was initially rooted in the fresh bagels and biscuits in the doctor 's lounge. However, as hospital budgets dwindled and fresh bagels became stale crackers and dried carrots, I increasingly found myself sitting in the far corner of patient rooms during the consultation. Sometimes we 'd be in the intensive care unit, telemetry, oncology, or even the psychiatric ward. I encountered a truly fascinating array of patients and families. I 'd always sit silently pretending to putt around on my Mom 's PalmPilot or whatever latest gadget that was on the market. But I attentively listened to every word of interaction between the patient and the doctor. I 'd often even get anxious thinking of follow-up questions for the patient that were never asked. The medical terminology was often beyond my years. And the hospital rooms were tropically moist and exhibited foul odors. But none of these details deterred me because I was so intrigued with the patients ' lives. Everything from apathetic gang members in the Western suburbs of Chicago to weirdly spunky senior citizens. This exposure to people from all walks of life each with their own unique and individual story provided me with an astonishing perspective. I was exposed to an entirely new reality of the world that many children are never subjected to.
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