Symptoms And Treatment Of Huntington 's Disease

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The name Huntington’s disease comes from an American physician, George Huntington (see figure 1), after he was the first person to give an official description of the disease in 1872 (Bhattacharyya, 2016). In Canada alone, more than 21 000 individuals have been affected by Huntington’s Disease, an incurable illness that results in death typically between 15-20 years after diagnosis (Scrivener, 2013). This disease causes both physical and mental changes in an individual, therefore completely changing one’s way of life. Huntington’s disease is an important illness to study because it affects many individuals, and there is currently no cure. Therefore, the more knowledge and understanding society has around it, the better the chances of discovering a cure. This disease affects individuals in every country, however, there is a trend of Huntington’s disease in European individuals and in individuals of European descent (Liou, 2010). Across Europe, 40 to 100 cases of this disease are reported per million people. This information proposes that several different mutations likely caused Europe’s high Huntington’s disease prevalence rates. A study done in 1994 demonstrated that Sweden alone contains a minimum of three origins of the Huntington disease allele (Liou, 2010). The following paper will cover a description of Huntington’s disease and the symptoms that go along with it, how to test for Huntington’s disease, a case study, what gene is involved, the chances of
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