Symptoms And Treatment Of Ill And Weak Individuals

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Hidden Illness Society in general feels pity or concern for the ill and weak individuals. It may be because they have been raised to believe this is an appropriate response to their pain. On the other hand some may just feel compassion for the person, but they believe it does not benefit the individual to pity them. It is normal for people to feel an emotional response to other individual’s situations. However, illnesses are normally associated with the conditions that are visible to the naked eye. The symptoms are easy to distinguish and attribute to a condition. Visible sores, hair loss, amputations. and yellow eyes to most mean that the condition is more severe than a condition that doesn 't visibly break down a person. The treatment…show more content…
During my time working for a few different retail locations I have been witness to the double standard of respect that people give the weak. In general people will go out of their way to help an elderly person carry their items out to their car, or will even in some cases help them gather their grocery inside the store. However, this courtesy and consideration does not apply to individuals of a younger age. If they are hobbling or walking with a cane in some cases are the last person to receive assistance because of automatic assumptions people make. Even in some cases doctors with medical licenses will be critical of an individual if that individuals believe something abnormal is happening within their body. One of the most common hidden illness of them all is mental conditions. Mental illnesses which are so common that almost every person either is related or knows an individual who has one. This does not stop them from being a taboo topic to many. In today’s society mental illnesses are not only barely discussed, but for most people they do not openly claim they have one. It is an uncomfortable topic that follows hard questions that people may not want to answer. It can also lead to people judging the individual based on the bad connotations that follow many of these conditions. The victims of these conditions can fall under any age bracket which makes it nearly impossible to
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