Symptoms And Treatment Of Mental Health Disorders

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Unit 9 Assignment
Ms. A is a 28-year-old married, executive who sees the clinician for symptoms over the last three months. Ms. A experiences trouble sleeping and nervousness. Ms. A states she is in good health and used to use substances, but has not used any substances in the last five years. She has had a 15-pound weight loss and fatigue. She has worrisome thoughts that her husband will leave her after his last business trip. She is irritable and restless, and states that even when she is in a relationship, she has feelings of emptiness. (The case study, n.d.).
Mental Health Disorders
Ms. A’s diagnosis is most likely Borderline Personality Disorder. Ms. A meets the criteria for real or imagines abandonment as she is afraid her husband will leave her. She has a pattern of unstable and intense personal relationships and states that her past relationships are intense. Ms. A meets the criteria for impulsivity since she used to take substances in the past. She has also shown the criteria for affective instability due to marked reactivity of mood with her feelings of irritability. She also experiences chronic feelings of emptiness. Ms. A also seems to have depression. She has experienced weight loss, sleep disturbance with insomnia, fatigue, and states she feels empty (DSM 5, 2013).
Early research with medications for Borderline Personality Disorder was first generation antipsychotics. Different medications were compared: alprazolam, carbamazepine,
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