Symptoms And Treatment Of Mental Illness

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Introduction Mental illness/disorder can be described as a change in a person’s cognitive, physical, emotional and/or behavioural control and organization that may cause distress in different areas of life (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). I chose mental illness as the affected population for the article in an inpatient setting; acute psychiatric and rehabilitative units. The normal length of stay in these places varies from a week to a year; the focus being on faster turnover in general. The shorter stays make it challenging and important for the art therapists in such settings, to modify and adapt their strategies, goals and group rules. All three articles deal with group art therapy and the modality used is visual art; drawing, sketching, painting (paper and textile) and murals. A typical session of art therapy is described by each author; detailing the method, modality, patients’ interpretation of the art work and discussion of the observations. The patient group in all three settings presented with various negative and positive symptoms as the result of psychoses, personality disorders, thought and mood disorders or abuse and self-harm. Some of the characteristics the therapists aimed to target were depression, aggression, hostility, and disorganization, poor sense of reality via distorted perception or object relation. Other personality traits that experienced a positive change were the patients’ self-esteem, confidence, and appetite and communication
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