Symptoms And Treatment Of Older Adults

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Our bodies experience many changes as we age. The body can develop depending on a person’s genetic pattern of aging. Also, the choices you make in life can have a more deeper impact on your bodily changes as well. These changes can also be mental or physical. Because of the aging body, older adults may use medication to maintain the liability of their functions and abilities due to aging. Many elderly adults may be unaware of the physical changes caused by drug usage and their bodies may become tolerant to the medications. There can be ways to monitor medication with older adults. Our cognition changes as we age. We tend to react differently to certain life situations and the information that we input in our brains are in a more complex process.
During a person’s older years, there are different offsprings of multiple health problems that need to be treated with multiple medications. With aging, risks of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and hypertension, can increase with the body. These disease may require multiple medication use and drug therapies. If someone cannot afford these treatments, they turn to affordable and over the counter medicine for help. The elderly may also use multi-vitamins and supplements. Dramatic increases in the use of herbals/supplements has prompted similar concerns about those products, both alone and in combination with FDA-regulated pharmaceuticals (Kaufman, Kelly, Rosenberg,Anderson, & Mitchell, 2002). Herbal remedies and natural…

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