Symptoms And Treatment Of Osteoporosis

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Physiology There are several conditions that contribute to osteoporosis other than the aging process that causes elders to lose bone density, to understand the correlation of the condition one should have a basic understanding of what osteoporosis is. As stated, osteoporosis is called a silent disease with an underlying origin that is undetected or misdiagnosed since the symptoms are so nondescript until the damage is done. This condition is characterized by decrease bone mass density (BMD), the principal progression is bone fragility with undetermined body fractures, and bone mineral density decrease with aging; defines osteoporosis which yields brittle bones found in both genders. Although, women experience this process more…show more content…
Ms. J stated she had heartburn and used Mylanta for treatment. As suggested, Mylanta is a proton pump inhibitor (PPI) used for gastric reflux with an aluminum base that lower stomach acid levels, blocking the absorption of calcium and phosphates which decrease bone density. The researcher has established a link between long term use of (PPI) and osteoporosis, which is a major cause of hip fractures. (Kruse, 2011) When reviewing the medical records it was noted that the client received chemo along with radiation for breast cancer and glucocorticoid injection for chronic arthritis three times in the last 10 years. For instance, there is a link between women who were treated for breast cancer with chemotherapy, the reason given was the loss of ovarian function that drops the estrogen levels that had a protective effect on the bones. Chemotherapy also has a direct harmful effect on the bones, and breast cancer stimulates osteoclasts cell production, which role is to break down bone tissue. (NIH, n.d.) “Bone loss is one of the most important side effects of glucocorticoid use, even in low doses. The main effect of glucocorticoids on bone is inhibition of osteoblast function, leading to a decrease in bone formation and a glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis” (De Niji, 2015) Ms. J fractured her arm two years ago from a fall. One of the major causes of bone and hip fractures in senior adults are
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