Symptoms And Treatment Of Pain

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Introduction Pain is one of the most common reasons a person will seek treatment from a physical therapist.1 Pain is an abstract concept in which the brain detects a stimuli, interprets the sensation, and responds to the stimuli by producing an unpleasant sensory response.1 Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), which is a common diagnosis seen in patients’ seeking acute or chronic pain relief, is an often debilitating condition that occurs either spontaneously or after limb injury (CRPS Type 1) or following a peripheral nerve lesion (CRPS Type 2).3,4 Several diagnostic terms have been used to classify this condition, including reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) and causalgia.4 However, the exact pathophysiologic mechanism of the condition is still unknown.5 It is believed that CRPS involves multiple pathways and includes both peripheral and central nervous system changes.3,5 Alterations in cutaneous innervations and peripheral and central sensitization, as well as changes in the representation of the affected limb within the somatosensory cortex, are currently believed to be the primary culprits in the development of CRPS.5 Clinical features of CRPS include sensory disturbances, such as burning pain with allodynia and hyperalgesia, motor disturbances of decreased range, speed, coordination of movement, tremor, and muscle spasms; changes in vascular tone, temperature, and edema; and trophic changes to skin, hair, nails; and perceptual disturbances of self.2,4 Signs and

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