Symptoms And Treatment Of Pain

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One late night I arrived home from a long day of work. I sluggishly went up to my room getting ready to settle for the night, when I noticed that I had an appalling headache. I removed my contact lenses and dropped them in the solution. Thinking that it was just a sinus headache I shook it off. I woke up the next morning with my eye swollen and blood shot as if I contracted the pink eye. I then dropped eye drops in my eyes and proceeded with my day hoping my eye would get better. My eye later continued to get worse the pain became excruciating and intolerable. I went to the doctor and was instantly diagnosed with pink eye just as expected. The doctor then prescribed me eyedrops and told me to use hot and cold compresses to relieve the…show more content…
I could not see any of the letters on the eye chart except for the big “E” at the top. I was later, diagnosed with a severe corneal ulcer. The doctor then, referred me to a eye specialist immediately. I arrived at the specialist that same day and the specialist examined and scraped my eye. He confirmed that it was in fact a corneal ulcer. The Opthamologist conveyed the severity of the ulcer, the damage it would cause, and the possibility of losing my eyesight permanently. I had feared for the worst. The opthamologist prescribed me four to five different eyedrops such as antibotic and steroid drops to get rid of the ulcer, the swelling, and inflammation. I used the eyedrops every hour to four hours as instructed by the opthamologist. I would also come back every two days for the opthamologist to check on how my eye was progressing. My eye began to heal but my eyesight began to deteriorate. I eventually went back to the specialist and he told me that I could wear a hard contact lense in my right eye to help me see better, but I would probably have to go see a surgeon and have a corneal transplant done on my eye to repair my vision. The fear set in once again and not only did fear take over me, but fear took over my parents. I cried and wondered what surgery would be like, would I ever be able to see normal again, would I get the cornea needed for the transplant, and the thought of someone
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