Symptoms And Treatment Of Patients

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The number of admitted patients increases within hospitals on a daily basis. Doctors admit patients for various reasons such as if they want to monitor a patient’s symptoms, reaction to medicine or recovery process. In this way, patients can receive the care they need and get more specialized attention from nurses, doctors, and other medical practitioners. However, if the patients are in a hospital for too long a large payment is reflected in their health bill, and they take up space that more critical patients desperately need. In this paper, we shall discuss the causes of long hospital stays and some recommendations that can reduce the number of inpatient days to the national average of 4.8days.
Reasons for Higher-than-average-hospital Stays Patients may lack the capacity to take care of themselves. The hospital receives some medical cases where the patient is too old, young, reckless or misinformed to follow the doctor’s prescription that will propel them to recovery. This negligence causes a reoccurrence of conditions such as infection, cancer, and diabetes. Doctors prevent these by admitting patients and having nurses take care of patient’s diets and medications until they are stable and free from and risk of reinfection (Snider et al., 2015, p.1486). This approach takes a toll on the hospital staff who can apply their efforts towards more severe cases such as trauma patient who are on the rise. Such an issue can be quickly addressed to ensure that the patients do…
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