Symptoms And Treatment Of Patients

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Patient, E.G, female of 24 years of age, born in Virginia, raised in Maryland, and who is currently residing in Virginia chief complaint is of right knee pain. Patient has experience this pain for four years and pain started at twenty-four years of age. Pain is sporadic. May not experience any pain somedays and there are days where pain level rises. Patient currently uses a knee brace as needed to relieve pain. Other than the chief complaint, patient overall health status is generally healthy. Patient’s vital signs, are at normal ranges, and calculated BMI is 35 which is categorized as obese. Patient had a history of numerous ear infections as a child more around the age of three. Treatment for the infections was a surgical procedure, myringotomy, was completed in order to relieve pressure and/or drain fluid. Patient was also diagnosed with appendicitis and underwent an appendectomy, the surgical removal of the appendix, at age fifteen, and there were no complications and patient recovered effectively.
Medication patient is currently taking is triphasic, one pill a day, usually taken in the mornings. Last time patient took this medication was on 01/20/2016 at 6:30 a.m. Patient first started taking Birth control contraceptives at age eighteen. In between the age of eighteen and twenty-four patient stopped taking contraceptive for about a year, patient just recently began taking contraceptive again regularly for the past three months. Patient experience no…
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