Symptoms And Treatment Of Patients

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This is a 51-year-old female with a 4/6/2015 date of injury. She tripped and fell to right knee. Diagnoses were pain in joint of lower leg and pain in right knee. 12/18/15 Progress Report by Dr. Fuhrmeister described that the patient has right knee pain with radiation to the right leg. She is s/p right knee arthroscopy on 04/22/15. MRI of the right knee on 04/11/15 reported a lateral meniscal tear. It was recommended to have an MRI of a right knee and try PT, over her last visit on 11/16/15. The patient is requesting refills on medications. Her current medications include Opana 15 mg, Topamax 100 mg, Zofran 8 mg, Ambien 5 mg, Paroxetine HCL 20 mg, Omepreazole 40 mg, Baclofen 10 mg and Hydrocodone 5/200 mg. The patient is currently in pain at 5/10-scale level. The patient stated that hydrocodone for breakthrough pain provides inadequate pain relief. The note indicates that the patient is fully aware of risks of narcotics and potential side effects were discussed. There is constant burning and throbbing pain from the knee down laterally. Physical examination revealed an antalgic gait with a limp. She is wearing a brace on the right knee. ROM of the right knee is decreased. There was tenderness to palpation over the right knee. Treatment plan included medications, increase hydrocodone 7.5/325, PT 3 X 8, MRI, and follow-up with surgery. Follow-up is in 1 month. 11/09/15 electro-diagnostic study described that the patient presented with right leg and knee pain with
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