Symptoms And Treatment Of Pneumonia

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In our daily lives, at work, home or school, we are exposed to bacteria. Some of these harmful bacteria can cause diseases. Bacteria-germ diseases have for years been known to cause severe illness in humans. People with weak or immature immune systems are the most affected by these. Old people, patients with chronic disease and very young children are particularly vulnerable to these illnesses. Pneumonia is a germ-caused disease and varies in severity with the most severe form affecting the weak or immature immune people mentioned above (Frieden, 2015). Mild pneumonia attacks healthy people with good immune systems and is treatable at home, clearing up in about two weeks. This paper will give a detailed overview of this deadly disease. Introduction Pneumonia is a term used to refer to the inflammation of the air sacs in the lungs. It can affect the right or left lung air sacs and at times both are affected. Pneumonia occurs when one breathes germs into their lungs. The lungs function is to remove carbon dioxide from the bloodstream and deliver oxygen to the blood. Pneumonia starts when fungi, bacteria and viruses are introduced into the lungs when a person inhales. The natural immune system responds to these foreign bodies in the air sacs of the lungs by inflammation. Fluids and pus from the inflammation may collect in the lung and in the usual process of gaseous exchange in the lungs. There are different types of pneumonia. Community pneumonia is pneumonia got in the

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