Symptoms And Treatment Of Psychotic Disorder

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A person with psychosis loses contact with reality and behaves abnormal and present with changes in personality and thought process disorder. Bizarre behaviours, functional incapability and poor social function are normally evident in the psychotic individual. Drug and alcohol misuse are known to trigger psychosis. It is also well established (Crebbin, Mitford, Paxton & Turkington, 2009) that psychotic symptoms can occur following drug misuse leading to a diagnosis of drug induced psychosis being made. In Daniel’s case it is clear that his diagnosis was formulated after consideration of his substance misuse, cannabis and binge drinking which lead him to being psychotic. Daniel displays, aggressive behaviours, poor insight into his illness with hallucinations and delusions present. Components of the Mental State Examination in Daniel’s Psychosis assessment
The mental status examination is a useful assessment tool used for gathering objective information that help in determining ethology, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment, and to deal immediately with any risks of violence or harm (Kneisl & Trigoboff, 2009).
Appearance and General behaviour: Daniel presents as dishevelled, unkempt, possessing greasy shoulder- length; unshaven with evidence of body odour and wearing ill-fitting clothes. He has a rapid and incoherent speech. This gives a clear picture of Daniel’s poor cognitive status and mood due to alcohol and substance misuse effects. Self-neglect may
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