Symptoms And Treatment Of Ptsd

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Imagine returning home unscathed from battle to your physical body. Staff Sargent shakes your hand will depart the ship and the reality of being a citizen never truly becomes a real reality. Losing fellow friends, seeing heinous and often gruesome separation of body and limps and doctors check off as “A ok”. The true effects of PTSD are not limited to soldiers and the effects of PTSD are so vast that medical professionals often have troubles diagnosing all cases. Not to mention many victims of PTSD are unaware of what is causing all their anxiety attacks or depression so mix that all in with a government that doesn’t properly fund its veterans returning from battle with medical therapy and we are left with one giant mess of ticking time bombs that are struggling to ever truly feel at peace. It is the goal of this research to bring to light some of the critical issues of PTSD as well as current systems in place for treatment. The night vision goggles display the road in a soft green glow. Soft is an unfamiliar word when describing Iraq or any war zone for that matter but tonight is no different than any other day on the job. As the marines made their way down the dirt road nothing looks out of place. We make our way around a bend then bang! First there is a blinding light followed by a deafening sound that was preluded by a ringing that traveled throughout your head. A roadside bomb also known as an IED has just been detonated just
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