Symptoms And Treatment Of Relapsing Remitting Ms ( Rrms ) Which Is The Most Common Disease Course

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The first type of MS is Relapsing-remitting MS (RRMS) which is the most common disease course. “Relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis affects about 85 percent of those first diagnosed with the disease and affects around 60 percent of people living with MS” (Brichford, 2015). In RRMS patients experience a period of clearly defined attacks which is called relapsing. The period following the relapse is called remission where the patient is symptom free. The last type of MS is Progression-relapsing (PRMS). This is the least common type of MS. Just like PPMS this type is also characterized by the gradual worsening of symptoms over the course of time. Patients will also experience relapses and remissions. Unlike RRMS, people with this type of MS do not usually regain complete functioning after a symptom relapse. Risk Factors There are many risk factors that may increase the risk of developing MS. The first factor is age.MS can occur at any age, but this disease mainly affects people between the ages of fifteen and sixty. The second factor is sex. Women are twice as more likely to develop MS than men.The third factor is race. Caucasians are at the highest risk of developing MS. People of the Asian, African, or Native American descent have the lowest risk. “MS is more common in whites, particularly those with Northern European ancestry. Some groups – people with African, Asian, Hispanic, and Native American ancestry – seem to be at lower risk, although they can still get the
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