Symptoms And Treatment Of Restless Leg Syndrome

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Restless leg syndrome, or also known as RLS and Willis-Ekbom Disease, is a neurological condition in which one experiences unpleasant sensations in the legs. The term RLS was introduced by a doctor named Karl-Axel Ekbom. Ekbom had a large number of patients complaining of “peculiar and tormenting paraesthesias deep in the lower legs” which led him to find out more. In 1944 he had already reported 8 patients with the same type of symptoms and by 1945 he had published a doctoral thesis called “Restless legs’: ‘a clinical study of a hitherto overlooked disease in the legs characterized by peculiar paraesthesia (‘Anxietas tibiarum’), pain and weakness and occurring in two main forms, asthenia crurum paresthetica and asthenia crurum dolorosa”…show more content…
Many of the symptoms occur at primarily at night when one is sleeping or relaxing and can be unilateral or on both sides. There are two names which is used to describe many of the patient 's sensations, an abnormal sensation is often called paresthesias and an unpleasant, uncomfortable sensation is called dysesthesias. These two names help to determine the intensity level which ranges in severity from uncomfortable to painful. Many of the patients go into the doctor and much of the interview is based off of self reporting and history. It is very important for doctors to listen to these symptoms to help make a correct diagnosis (Black & Grant, 2014, pg 411). 2a Prevalence and Development of RLS The actually onset of RLS occurs mostly within the second to third decade of life. Many adults who are diagnosed with RLS have experienced many symptoms before diagnosis and into the their childhood or before the age of 20. As many as 10% report that they experienced symptoms before the age of 10 (Black & Grant, 2014, pg 411). There is an increase in the amount of people who experience the symptoms and even are diagnosed after reaching the age of 60. Many of the symptoms continue to grow with age. Although, if there a genetic predisposition to RLS, the onset of symptoms might start early in childhood but will

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