Symptoms And Treatment Of Retinoblastoma

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Cancer comes in many forms and can attack just about anyone. Some cancers take more time to grow, spread and show signs of attack, but it is very important for everyone to be very careful and cautious because anyone can be a victim for this cruel cancer. Retinoblastoma is one of the cancers that can become very fatal to someone’s vision if not treated. Retinoblastoma is caused when the cancer cells start to grow with no control. Cells can become cancer cells in any part of the body so it is very essential for it to be treated as soon as possible. It can also extend to any other parts of the body. Retinoblastoma is started in the retina of the eye and is most common in children.
The very first thing anyone should do when they are diagnosed with cancer is to consult with their doctor about treatment plans. Retinoblastoma has many treatment options for the patient. One of the main treatments of retinoblastoma is surgery. If the retinoblastoma is detected while it is a small tumor, surgery is not necessary. If the tumor is not found in time and is quite large, the eye’s vision has most likely been already damaged. If this is ever the case, then there is a procedure called, enucleation, and this procedure removes the whole eye and a part of the optic nerve that was connected. Meanwhile, during the enucleation procedure, an orbital implant is put in, taking the place of the eye. The orbital implant contains contents such as, silicone or hydroxyapatite. This substance is very alike
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